At its origin, American Blood Football is a turn-based game. A match is composed of two halves of 8 turns each. During each turn, a coach will have the opportunity to perform various actions with his players. The aim is to score more touchdowns than your opponent. To score a touchdown a player must get the ball into the opposition End Zone. At the end of the two halves, the team that has scored the most Touchdowns wins the match.
Each coach, during his round, can move his players or get those in contact with an opponent to block.
You may perform other unique actions once per turn such as: a blitz, a hand-off, a long pass (see the basic rules for further details).
Once the player has performed all his actions or been subject to a turnover, (a forced ‘end of turn’ caused by a failed action), it is then the opposing player’s turn to play.
You may only use a player once per turn. Once an action is started with another player, you must do everything you wish to do with this player before switching to another member of your team.
Example : If you pick up the ball then use another player, you may not use the player who has picked up the ball again until your next turn.
When you fail to perform an important action, your turn ends immediately, even if you have not made all your intended actions with your other players. This is called a Turnover. A Turnover is provoked if :
  • One of your players is knocked down or is sent-off.
  • A ball that is passed or handed off is not recovered by by one of your players
  • One of your players fails in an attempt to pick up the ball.
  • A touchdown is scored.
  • Your time limit runs out.

Therefore it is very important, before attempting an action that could cause a turnover, to think it through and look whether you should not perform the safest actions first. You want to start with the safest or the least crucial actions, and also choose your players wisely according to their characteristics and skills to achieve an action. When you have finished all your actions, click on the "end turn" button.
To avoid a turnover, you may use a Team Re-roll. If you still have some Team re-rolls available, you may retry a failed roll once per turn, and hope a more favourable outcome to avoid the turnover.
American Blood Football is adapted from the board game of the same name, therefore dice are used to determine the results of the actions in the game. Two categories of dice are used in a game of American Blood Football:
The classic dice (D6) :
It has 6 sides numbered from 1 to 6. It is used to determine the success or failure of most of your players' actions during a match (pass, dodge, ball recovery and lots more).
Depending on his characteristics, the player has a certain number of chances to succeed or fail.
For a pass, for example, the player's agility is what counts. If it is high, the player will have a better chance to succeed. A player with agility of 4 must roll a 3, 4, 5 or 6 for the pass to succeed. If the player has 2 in agility, he must roll a 5 or 6 to succeed.
  • A roll of 6 means the action automatically succeeds.
  • A roll of 1 means the action automatically fails.
The block dice :
It determines the result of a block. See 'Play a Match' for more details.
Note: different skills can influence the dice rolls. (see 'Skills' section)