Bloodweiser Babe
The team's players receive a +1 modifier to recover from a KO for this match.
Price Max. Quantity
50.000 2
Each Bribe allows you to try and ignore one call by the referee to send off a player who has committed a Foul or who is armed with a secret weapon. Roll a D6: on a roll of 2 or more the Bribe is effective (preventing a Turnover if the player was to be sent off for committing a foul). On the roll of a 1 the Bribe is wasted and the call stands! Each Bribe may only be used once per game.
Price Max. Quantity
100.000 3
Extra Team Training
Each extra team training session costs 100,000 gold pieces and allows the team to take one extra team re-roll that may be used for this match only.
Price Max. Quantity
100.000 3
Halfling Master Chef
Roll 3D6 at the start of each half to see what effect the chef's cooking has on the team. For each dice that rolls 4 or more, the team is so inspired that they gain a Team Re-roll. Additionally the opposing team is so distracted by the fantastic cooking smells, emanating from their opponent's dug-out that they lose a Team Re-roll (but only if they have any to lose).
Price Max. Quantity
100.000 1
Recruit a player who occupy the position of your choice. On the other hand, he will have the Loner skill.
Price Max. Quantity
300.000 N/A
An Apothecary is a healer wise on the ways of medicine and the healing arts who looks after the injured players in a American Blood Football team – and so has a strenuous and full-time job! An Apothecary can re-roll one injury roll during a match.
Price Max. Quantity
100.000 2
Once per game, the Wizard is allowed to cast either a fireball spell or a lightning bolt spell Wizards may only cast spells at the start of their own turn before any player performs an Action OR immediately after their own team's turn has ended, even if it ended with a turnover.
Price Max. Quantity
150.000 1
Choose a target square anywhere on the pitch. Roll one dice to hit each standing player (from either team) that is either in the target square or a square adjacent to it.
If the 'to hit' roll is a 4 or more then the target is knocked down.
If it is a 3 or less he manages to dodge the fireball’s blast.
Make an Armour roll (and possible Injury as well) for any player that is knocked down as if they had been knocked down by a player with the Mighty Blow skill.
If a player on the moving team is knocked down by a fireball, then the moving team does not suffer a turnover unless the player was carrying the ball at the time.
Select a player standing anywhere on the pitch and roll a die.
If the roll is greater than or equal to 2, the player is struck by the lightning.
If the roll is a 1, then he managed to avoid the lightning.
Star Players
These are players with excellent characteristics and lots of skills. They can turn a match around singlehandedly.