You can sign your team up for a solo league where you play against the AI. There are several predefined models, and you can also create your own league.
The different solo league models
Each league is comprised of a single Knockout-style competition.
Each league is comprised of a single Round-Robin-style competition.
Regional League
Each league starts with 4 parallel Round-Robin-style competitions. The first and second from each pool qualify for a Knockout-style competition.
Old World League
Each league is comprised of 4 Round-Robin style competitions (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum) with up to 12 teams in each. The first time you enter you go into the Bronze Division. At the end of the regular season, two things happen. The top 2 teams in a competition are promoted to the next division up, while the bottom 2 are relegated to the next division down. The 4 best teams in each competition qualify for the Mega Cup, which is held between seasons.
Custom League
Setting your own format. You can have a series of up to 3 phases. Each phase corresponds to a competition. Select the number of teams, groups and qualifying teams for each phase.