Before the start of a match, you have to pick your team, the stadium the match will be held in and the length of a game round.
You can also purchase support using the Inducements.
Note: If your team does not have 11 players, the game adds Journeyman to your team so you can start the match with a full team. Journeyman are players that only join your side for one match. If you win the match, you can then recruit them.
Inducements & Star Players
The Inducement is a way to balance out the teams and let you purchase support for the match in the form of Dirty Tricks and Star Players. Each team can use their own money to buy support, but the weakest team receives Petty Cash : a bonus proportional to the difference between the Team Value of the two teams.
All Petty Cash money is lost, so make sure you spend it!
Don't wait too long either because you don't have too long to make purchases!
Star Players are players with excellent characteristics and lots of skills. They can turn a match around singlehandedly.
See the 'Glossary' for more details on the Match Bonuses and Star Players