Conditions for ending the match & Overtime
A match ends when the two halves of the game have been finished.
The team that scored the most touchdowns wins.
If the two teams are tied at the end of the 2nd half in a Knockout competition, a 3rd half of 8 rounds begins. It is played as sudden death: the first team to score wins.
Victory and Defeat
If at the end of overtime neither of the two teams has scored, there is a series of penalty kicks: each team tries a kick one after the other. The first team to miss loses the match.
At the end of the match, each team earns money that they can use to recruit players or staff.
The winning team can re-roll the earnings die to add to their winnings, but at the risk of earning less money.
A dice roll determines if the winning team earns a Popularity Point and if the losing team loses one.
One randomly-selected player from each team is declared the Most Valuable Player (MVP).
An MVP immediately earns 5 SPP.
The MVP can be a dead player, a Star Player or a mercenary, in which case the reward is lost.
When there is a tie, the two players earn money but neither can re-roll.
A dice roll determines if either team gains or loses a Popularity Point.
And the two players are each named MVP. The MVP immediately earns 5 SPP.
You can forfeit the match at any time.
Forfeiting is treated as a defeat and the score is automatically set at a two-touchdown margin in favour of the winning team.
A team that forfeits a match does not earn money and loses a Popularity Point.
There is no MVP for a forfeiting team; instead, two players from the opposing team are named MVP.