To create a team, go to the "Team and League Management" menu then select "Create a team".
When you create a team, you have to pick:
  • a race
  • a name
  • a motto
  • a logo
  • team colours
  • a stadium.
You can then recruit players for your team, or let the game do it for you.
A team must have at least 11 players. During the recruitment phase you can customize the faces and names of the players that you recruit.
To finish, once your players have been recruited, choose your staff.
Player characteristics (MA, ST, AG, AV)
Each player has 4 characteristics representing his abilities on the pitch:
  • Movement Allowance (MA): This shows the number of squares the player may move in a turn.
  • Strength (ST): A player’s Strength represents how physically powerful he is, and is used to block opponents.
  • Agility (AG): The higher a player’s agility, the more likely they are to be able to avoid tackles attempted by other players, accurately throw the ball, and catch a ball that is thrown to them.
  • Armour Value (AV): This shows the amount of armour the player is wearing. The higher the number, the more armour the player has on.
American Blood Football has several races that you can play with. Each race has its own characteristics and special attributes. Please refer to the section on 'Races' for more info.
Coaching staff
You can also recruit a staff that will help your team every day. They add various bonuses to your team, which can help you during matches. For more details, go to the section on 'Coaching Staff' in the Glossary.