It's not that easy to manage a team! Recruiting, improving and managing players and their careers is part of what a coach has to do to lead his team to victory.
Team Value
The Team Value is a number representing your team's power. The higher it is, the stronger your team. During a match, the team with the lower Team Value has the right to purchase match bonuses that will help it during the encounter.
Some of the things that influence Team Value:
  • Players = 1 thousandth of their cost
  • Then when they go up a level:
  • 20 for each skill of normal category
  • 30 for each skill of double category
  • 30 for each new point of MV or AR
  • 40 for each new point of d'AG
  • 50 for each new point of ST
  • Re-rolls = 1 thousandth of their cost added to the TV
  • Fan Factor = 10 points each
  • Apothicary = 50 points
  • Cheerleaders = 10 points each
  • Assistant Coaches = 10 points each
SPP and Level up
When a player successfully makes certain actions he gains SPP
Once he has accumulated enough SPP he goes up a level
  • Pass = 1 SPP
  • Interception = 2 SPP
  • Injury = 2 SPP
  • Touchdown = 3 SPP
  • MVP = 5 SPP
When a player goes up a level, you roll two dice to determine what the player gains.
  • 2-9 New Skill
  • 10 Increase the characteristic MA or AV by 1 point
  • 11 Increase the characteristic AG by 1 point or a New Skill
  • 12 Increase the characteristic ST by 1 point or a New Skill
If you roll a double (1-1 or 2-2 etc.) you can ignore the result and take a skill from any skill category.
Career and Retirement
Over the course of the matches, the players age. After a while, there's a chance they'll retire.
The players age 1 year every 8 matches
A player who has played for 13 years has a 40% of chance of retiring
A player who has played for 14 years has a 60% of chance of retiring
A player who has played for 15 years has a 100% of chance of retiring
Transfers & Player Marketplace
There is a player marketplace in AMERICAN BLOOD FOOTBALL. The players can buy and sell team members using gold coins.
You can sell your players via the "Team Management" menu.
To buy a player in the management menu, go to the Transfer tab. There you'll find a list of the players who are up for sale.