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Blood Bowl 2 - Official Guide
Blood Bowl 2
« Good evening sports fans and welcome to the Blood Bowl for tonight’s contest. You join a capacity crowd, packed with members of every race from across the known world, all howling like banshees in anticipation of tonight’s game. Could you please, Jim, old boy, give us a quick recap on the rules for those who’ve just joined us?

Sure thing, Bob! As you know, Blood Bowl is an epic conflict between two teams of heavily-armoured and quite insane warriors. Players pass, throw or run with the ball, attempting to get it to the other end of the pitch, the End Zone. Of course, the other team must try and stop them, and recover the ball for their side. If a team gets the ball over the line into the opponent’s End Zone it’s called a touchdown; the team that scores the most touchdowns by the end of the match wins the game, and are declared Blood Bowl Champions! »